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Visual Builder

You don't know anything about HTML, PHP and that technical staff but still, want to have your own website? Or you just need to quickly create a landing page or simple website? We got you covered! We offer great What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get builder which is packed up with hundreds of wonderful templates, so you can make stunning websites with no prior experience. Take a look at some examples over here.

Automatic Script Installer

Installing common script has never been easier! With our Automatic installer, forget about downloading scripts from official websites, then unpacking and uploading files over FTP and finally running the installation. What a hassle! We've shrunk the whole process into just a few simple clicks, so you can have your forum, blog or CMS up and running within seconds. We have almost every popular software available! See the full list here.

Control Everything

Our service is suitable for advanced users as well! If you know what you're doing, and want to do everything the old-fashioned way, we're happy to have you on board! Our servers support latest PHP scripting as well as MySQL databases. You can upload your files eighter by FTP or by our built-in file manager. Forget about usual free hosting limitations! We have mail() enabled as well as pretty generous limits. Take a look at all features here.

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Awesome control panel

Control everything from one centralized place. We're proud of our control panel, one of the most powerful and useful in the industry. It's also fully responsive, so you can control your website using any device, including smartphones and tablets! Don't take our word for it, register now and try it for yourself.